Studio Renn

Studio Renn is a Bombay-based jewelry design practice founded in 2018 by Rahul and Roshni Jhaveri.

Years spent in the company of artists — in studios, galleries and museums — studying and collecting art culminated in the Studio Renn, which was born out of the need to create and for self-expression. The precious wearables are beautifully imperfect – and are always a bit off-center.

True to the name Renn, which means reborn, or rebirth, the Studio explores concepts and perspectives, and recreates the world of abstract ideas, objects and feelings.

This is the philosophy that guides Studio Renn, in pursuit of a creative space for experimentation and development of works of art, including jewelry.

In the end, it all boils down to what part of my world others can perceive—beautifully imperfect and always a bit off-center. And they can take away a piece of it—the jewelry—the most beautiful and perfect manifestation of the mess inside my head.
Rahul Jhaveri

Rahul Jhaveri | Co-founder and Creative Director

Rahul is a collector of contemporary art and design. He brings together his instinct and skill for the trade and craftsmanship of gemstones, with his love for art, and the creative process.

For Rahul, each creation is a leap of faith; it fuses art and imagination and exists to spark conversations. At the heart of each creation sits distinct design, serendipitous storytelling and imaginative points of reference. Using a material-agnostic approach, he creates with the desire to make the intangible tangible, and invites clients and collaborators alike, on a journey through the unknown.

Roshni Jhaveri | Co-founder

Roshni oversees the jewelry design studio and its business operations. Responsible for forging partnerships and alliances, driving marketing initiatives and growth plans, she ensures that the brand keeps ahead of expectations while staying true to its vision. An alumna of Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Roshni has worked extensively in market and growth strategies across various and different industries.


Couture 2021 — Best In Innovation

Wallpaper Design Award 2023 Best Hidden Gem

Couture 2021 — Best In Innovation

Wallpaper Design Award 2023 Best Hidden Gem

Couture 2022 Nominated for Editor's Choice

Couture 2021 Best In Innovation