[Prime]al was born from a poem, 'Eyes Open,' written by creative director Rahul Jhaveri.

It is the study on the significance of simple things and the simplicity of significant things. It builds on the premise that abstraction is the most instinctive reaction to the world around us.

The works within [Prime]al express the complexity and importance of ideas of protection, cyclicity, myths of creation and perceptions of time and space.


A state of being where something is not what it is – what nothing is and never will be.

Discussions lead to explorations, and observations turn into inspirations. Connections, conversations and collaborations become an endless cycle of evolution.

As we explored themes and perspectives with collaborating contemporary artist Prashant Salvi, points of view emerged, and evolved.

A series of sketches made for the Studio by Salvi, inspired our vocabulary for the collection; and textures, treatments, shapes and approaches materialized. Movements and processes like twisting, squeezing, tearing, stretching, and decay stood out.

The consequential pieces are a physical manifestation of this ongoing study — an endless pursuit of [An]otherness.