The latent yet integral aspect of creation is to have a dialogue with contemporaries from various fields — tapping into their perspectives/ viewing strategies on an otherwise singular subject. That is the very nature of collaborative design — blurring lines that were never actually there. And what comes of it and what it leads to is an expression of how we perceive and experience the environment that we all share.

The exhibit set out to express exactly this. The Space at 9/2 conceptualised the exhibit as [THE FRINGE] — an anti-space, a site for provocation, the space of potential intersection, interference and disorder — to allow child-like wonder, a playground of ideas. The exhibit allowed the viewer to transition between stability and transformation; order and entropy; reality and dreams — brought together through site-specific installation, sound design, sculptures and movement art.

The show was in association with Raw Collaborative and was held at 079 | Stories, Ahmedabad.

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