I wanted to grow up to become a struggling artist, but reality made me a businessman instead. That part of me lay hidden, only occasionally rearing its head to make its presence felt–filling my walls, ceilings and floors with art. It began to leak into the jewelry I designed for friends and family. And finally, this hidden self, overwhelmed everything else in my life. From the need to create, Studio Renn was (re)born.

What is Renn? What does it mean? Renn is a name that isn’t mine. It means reborn, rebirth—in a long dead language. Rebirth of ideas, concepts, perspectives. Since nothing is ever created. It’s all just there. It’s all just rearranged, shuffled. As Rushdie puts it “When you throw everything up in the air anything becomes possible”.

At Studio Renn, we began to create. We began to abstract ideas, objects, feelings—inviting artists, who are oblivious to jewelry, to fuel creativity. I found masters in their field—designers and goldsmiths alike—and erased from them all sense of dogma and propriety—turning them into rebels of their craft. Cumulatively, we began to peel away our perceptions and found beneath it, things that were there but never ever seen.

We have created a world that represents the one inside our heads—a world that is beautifully imperfect and always a bit off–centre. And people can perceive and take away a piece of it—the jewelry—which are the most beautiful and perfect manifestations of the mess inside my head.

— Rahul Jhaveri